Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday's coming around

My dear, dear friend (basically my kin) Angela and I have this running commentary about how terrible Tuesday's are. Since high school, we have always wondered why Tuesday's are generally so...blah. We have attributed it to the fact that a) it's not Monday, so you don't really have a legit reason to be perturbed and b) it's not far enough into the week to where you can start getting excited for Friday. Hence, our general sentiment towards this day was as follows:

"It's only Tuesday..."

I have to say though, that due to my current scheduling, Tuesday's aren't getting such a bad rap anymore. Reason: I don't have to work tomorrow, and I'm stoked. So thanks, Tuesday, for stepping up. Friday has pretty big shoes to fill.


I am truly enjoying being back on the blog scene, although I know I still have a ways to go before I'm where I would like to be with it. I have to thank my wonderful Spain love Emmy for inspiring me to get back into it. I created a blog last year when I went to Spain for the purpose of keeping people at home updated on what I was doing. I'd posted on it sparingly since then, but it lacked a coherent theme and the pizazz that I really wanted. Part of this was because I was still in school, and so blogging fell by the wayside to Spanish papers and reporting packages. But, now that I'm officially a graduate, I am need of a project.
So,  I'm making a comeback.

However, after perusing through a few blogs (out of the 10 million or so that are out there, literally), I've determined that the standard is pretty high (and that I seriously need to brush up on my knowledge of html ha.) Once again, thanks for the inspiration.

Yours, truly 

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  1. haha, my blog is STILL not to the point to where i'd like it to be. but its alright! once you get back into html, it all comes very easily.

    keep texting me when you need help =)