Monday, June 7, 2010

Marathon Week

[Disclaimer: As you probably can tell, my blog is under construction. I'll be changing it here and there as I figure out more neat stuff and get it looking spiffy. So just bear with me if it looks slightly unfinished at this point in time]

Happy Monday! I can say this with a degree of positivity that most can't, because Monday's aren't quite the same to me now as they are for the majority of the workforce. Everyone dreads Monday's because they have to get back into gear after a relaxing weekend. By this theory, Monday's are actually my Thursday's... So I'm gearing up for my weekend :)

I'm on day 6 of my marathon week. Due to some quirky scheduling at my job I ended up being scheduled for 7 days in a row. ugh.
  Today was the first day that I didn't have to be at work at 7 a.m., though, so that was kind of nice. When Wednesday gets here, I plan on being by the pool for the entire day... I desperately need to catch up on my tan, because I currently am rather ghostly. I also plan on sleeping a lot.

My marathon week hasn't been all bad. Being thrust into this new full-time gig has helped to shift my outlook from the college state of mind to that of a working woman. This means more dinero, which is also one of the positives of working 7 days in a row...
I'm about to get paaaid

However, there have been a fair share of drawbacks.
-I'm quite exhausted.
-I'm over hearing the loud crackly police scanners yelling at me.
 -I'm running out of patience with less-than-courteous callers.

Allow me to elaborate on that last one. Part of my job is to answer phones in the newsroom. During the week, people are usually calling about something they have seen or that they want to report. On the weekends, it's a different story. I get all kinds of callers on the weekend.
For example: There's the lady who always calls me and asks what time it is. There's a man who never has access to a computer and therefore would like for me to google all of the latest sports scores for him. And then there are those creepers who think our weather-lady is cute and call in all breathy (like the weird kid from hey arnold) asking for the weather department.

But last week, I got a really angry call...
NBC was airing the French Open, which was on at the same time as the Soaps are...
(you can see where I'm going with this..)
This man calls in, cussing at me, doesn't even say hello, asking me why in the hell I was airing a stupid tennis match during the soaps. Apparently his wife had asked him to TiVo her stories, and he was very upset that he was not going to be able to do so.  
"She's gonna *&^$ing kill me."
 What I wanted to tell him was that I had done nothing to wrong him, but thanks for calling. I told him instead that he wasn't really missing anything, because the Soaps were not airing new shows that day (...because of the French Open...) He did not understand this.
The conversation ended with him telling me that he doesn't understand "WHAT'S THE POINT in having a (expletive removed) TELEVISION if you can't WATCH WHAT YOU WANT TO."

Thanks for your call sir, have a nice evening.

Yours, truly  

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