Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shout out to a strong black woman

Whenever I would be going through something really trying, a friend of mine would always say to me, "You are a strong black woman, Amanda. You can do this."
I, of course, am not. But it was the mindset that she was trying to get me into. That take-no-b.s. attitude that we attribute to strong African American ladies. I needed to channel that strength.

Today, I was reminded that I am not the only one dealing with uncertainty, with decisions bigger than myself, and with trying to figure out my way in life.
I've come to realize that pretty much everyone I know that is my age is going through something similar right now. They aren't the same situations, mind you, but the same questions, the same frustration, and that same sense of helplessness at times. It's an odd kind of comfort; you certainly wouldn't wish this kind of cognitive dissonance on anyone, but it's kind of nice to know you aren't the only one feeling that way.
There's always a silver lining.

What's great about not being alone is just that: there's always someone you can talk to that has either been where you are, or is dealing with something similar, and you can hash it out. You can figure out what to make of your predicament, and how to deal with it from there. 
I am so thankful for the people in my life that have done that for me, and I think I've underestimated how much I truly enjoy having the opportunity to do that for someone that I care about. Today, I was able to put my own issues down for just a moment, and be an ear for someone else, as others have done for me on countless occasions.

Here's a little tribute to some of the best people I know, who have helped me through more than they know :)
my foursome.
lil face.
my bitches.
                                  spain love                                                                   r.p.

[and the list goes on...]

At this incredibly chaotic and confusing time in our lives, it's really nice to have that core group, who you know will always have your back.

I'm incredibly blessed.

Depending on the day, and the whim of the universe, the chaos will inevitably hit some of us harder than others. For the one who's taking the brunt on this Tuesday [and of course it would be a Tuesday ha...] I love you very much, and you are a strong black woman!

Yours, truly


  1. Beyonce would be proud of all the strong independent women she has touched. ;) I love you far more than you can know. (I wish I could make eye contact when saying that so you could feel it a little more, but I guess I will just have to let the digitally typed words send all the emotion they can.)