Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A year ago today...

Today I thought I might resurrect a post from my old blog, dated one year ago today.
I was in Alicante, Spain, having el tiempo de mi vida, and I had probably just come in from the beach [and not just any beach, a beach on the mediterranean. sigh.]

A little fun (June 16, 2009)
Myths about Spain:
1. You have to pay to use the bathroom in public (and for the tp): [false] I have not once had to pay to use the facilities, but I usually only have had to go at places that we have been at for awhile and had thus bought something from...
2. You have to take cold/short showers: [false] I am glad to report that hot water functions beautifully in Spain, and Conchi and Primi don't seem to think i take too long. Although i do try to keep it kind of quick
3. The food is gross: [false] I have pretty much liked everything, less a few dishes here and there. My family hasn't made any dishes with the heads still on (probably because i told them i was scared of that..)
4. It is really really hot: [true] I'm really glad we live by the sea.. It's hot enough here as it is, in Granada, with no breeze, it was worse than memphis in august.
5. They like to party.. a lot: [true] When in spain..
6. You have to walk.. a lot: [true] I'm actually enjoying this a lot though, the city is neat to look at and i'm getting some good calf action in.

Things I miss from home:
(skipping people because that's just obvious.)
1. Pools- the salt water, although great for the skin, really doing a number on my hair..
2. Ranch dressing- i just use it so liberally at home, and here the just put olive oil and vinegar on the salads.. i need some zest.
3. My cell phone- i want to be able to text at will again, and not have to pay 16 cents a pop.
4. El chico- i want some authentic americanized mexican deliciousness
5. My bed- i miss my feathertop.
6. My car (when the air works)- driving is very relaxing sometimes. not when your air doesn't work however. i still have to fix that when i get back.

Easiest things to adjust to in Spain life:
1. Siestas
2. Living by the beach
3. Paella/Churros/Ice Cream/Sangria
4. A never ending nightlife
5. Desperado Beer (its got tequila in it. Hands down, best beer i have ever had)
6. 14 buddies that have the exact same schedule so you get to hang out all the time
[paella and churros con chocolate]
Going to Spain was definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done. I miss it so much, especially right now, because everyday I think "this time last year I was laying out topless on the beach by the sea."
Take a look at Emmy's Spain Tribute for lots of fun pictures from our adventures :)
Yours, truly

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