Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Neurotic is as Neurotic does.

packing. packing. packing.
That's all that's really going through my mind as I sit here at work with little-to-nothing to do. I don't like being unproductive.
packing. and my movie date with xtina later. and packing.

Last night [packing], I broke a mirror.
Fortunately, I'm not a very superstitious person, and so I do not believe that I am now sentenced to 7 years of bad luck. But, still, it's unnerving to have glass shards all over your bathroom. And, if such a sentence were true for breaking my mirror, well, I definitely don't need any bad luck, ha.
What I need is a job.

Today, the full force of my jobless-ness hit me, sending me into panic mode. With no word yet from any leads, a waitressing gig is looking all the more likely [that is, if there's an opening]. Every job that I have looked at requires more experience than I have, which is frustrating, because if they counted INTERNSHIPS, I would be a year in, but PAID experience, well, I've only got a few months.
Of course this would hit me right as I am nearing the end of my tenure at my job in Knoxville. You know how, when you are unhappy with something, all you can notice are the bad things? And then, conversely, when you make a change and are getting out of something, you notice the happier things? Yeah, I got that going on.
neurotic much?
I'm not second guessing myself, mind you. No, No, No.
I'm just really feeling the need to get some kind of employment secured. I've been financially independent [for the most part] for my entire college career-so I'm really feeling the pressure to find an income, and fast.

My apologies for the heavy conversation!
Let's end on a positive note shall we?- I'm not working tomorrow. SO! I am catching a late night movie [yes, Eclipse. Say what you want, dude is FINE and they take their shirts off a lot.] with a girlfriend and then spending all day tomorrow making headway with my packing. and maybe catching a few rays by the pool :)

Tune in manana for my review of the vamp-tastic flick AND a blurp from Bronson.

Yours, truly

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