Friday, November 4, 2011

a hodge podge of thoughts that may or may not make any sense at all

the simple truth: Finally made it back to the wednesday yoga this week after a brief hiatus in which the girls and I tested the hypothesis that wine in and of itself was sufficient for mid-week relaxation. The consensus (at least from my standpoint) is alternation. I can't bring myself to choose against either, because they are both just great (athough they don't really mix all that well). Anyways the point is that the focus for the class was simplicity, and our instructor read us a passage emphasizing the importance of realizing your simple truth and then embodying it. Instead of trying to be all of these different things for all of these different people in all of these different situations, just find the simple you, the essence of you, and be that always. Much less stressful. No need to worry anymore about how to be in any given situation. Just being instead. 

I feel like when it comes to me, most people who know me know what they are going to get. I'm not very mysterious, nor have I ever really wanted to be. I enjoy being who I am. The key for me in this was putting an emphasis on the simplicity. Paring down the things that I add to my psyche that clutter the essence of me, that don't serve me in some positive way, and that cause me unnecessary stress. Trying to let go of all that and embrace the simplicity. 

the collective apathy: I decided that I love this phrase. I said it the other day and the had to google it directly to see if I could claim it as my own. Unfortunately I cannot, ha. There is a blog named after it, which I haven't read yet, but it doesn't look like they update it too terribly often, plus they don't know me or my little corner of the web SO whatever I'm still using it. ANYWAYS. The collective apathy is for real. I think it can also be called your twenties. Unless you are one of those that is already a CEO at age 23, in which case please excuse yourself from this section of the post as it doesn't apply to you, although you aren't really helping the C.A. situation so thanks for that.

Basically it goes like this- the majority of people that I talk to who are in their twenties have the same sort of attitude toward life in general. We are in staggered stages of bafflement, facing varying degrees of disenchantment from coming to terms with the fact that working life is nothing like we had once thought it would be in the romantic mindsets of our naivete. And who can blame us? Having to consciously make the decision to put someone else's demands and time schedule before your own and to become bonded to bills before you even realize it and to come to grips with the choice of either doing this for eternity or figuring out some other feasible and functional plan is A LOT TO DEAL WITH. And the fact that most of us are all going through this together means it's really difficult for any of us to pull each other out of it. So we continue on our paths, clinging to optimism and every bit of laughter that we can because we have to hope that eventually we will figure this thing out. And hopefully get a raise and more vacation days.

the dark days: so speaking of apathy... It's about to be super dark outside ya'll. Like... only light for the 8 hours a day that i'm IN AN OFFICE kind of dark. My mind thinks it's bedtime at like 6 p.m. I guess it's kind of cool in a way, because we get to see what life is like in Greenland, or, I dunno, the North Pole. [No wonder Santa hasn't been able to lose those 20 lbs. It's even HARDER to go to the gym when it feels like it's 10:30 at night.. COME ON.) But, from my 23 years of experience I never remember being upset about this time change for more than like a day [I have an attention span strikingly similar to a goldfish, apparently.] So I'm sure I'll get acclimated fine. And maybe I'll take some long lunches.

the holidays: I. Love. Holidays. Not so much the CF planning hell that comes along with the holidays, but it's all part of it so whatever. FIRSTLY, we got lots of days off for the holidays. PLUS lkj and I are going on vacay right before thanksgiving so it's like double bonus. AND, beginning with our anniversary [which was last week, 7 years yay us], there are literally 6 holidays crammed into the span of like two and a half months [anniversary, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, new years eve, and my birthday. Yes I am counting that as a holiday for myself.] Plus other people's birthday's mixed in. So I'm pretty stoked. By the time we get through that whirlwind of celebration, the dark days will be a thing of the past.

Probably I should go do some actual work now. Happy Friday friends!

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