Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the fourth be with you.

Turns out the sun has not completely forgotten about us, so that's comforting.
This week has so many things that are happy about it! 
First and foremost on today's docket:
happy birthday padre!

This picture is absolutely fabulous. Not only was it taken on our last big family vacation to Gatlinburg, TN after my college graduation, but it is also a tribute to one of my dad's favorite movies [and mine as well].

can't get enough:
Live music. Looking back through my iPhoto events, I have seen and documented 4 really fantastic bands in the past 3[ish] months, and it has been just wonderful. I made it my mission to see more live shows, because they just make me really happy. And the fun isn't over. T-minus 15 days until my big fat kahuna of a music event plays out [hangout fest woot!]
stuck in my head:
Speaking of live music festivals, I've been buzzing to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots [The Flaming Lips] ever since they rocked my socks off last Friday night. That band can work a crowd, let me tell you. I want to crowd surf in a space ball.
gimme some more:
I feel like I should omit this category out of principle this week. See, I'm [begrudgingly] doing this calorie counting thing [with the myfitnesspal app] until Hangout because, well, it's the debut of amanda's new vs bikini slash summertime bod, and I would like to not feel like a beached whale. I exaggerate, but in all seriousness I have not been eating like someone who is going to be in a swimsuit soon, and I should probably do so. So, I guess this week, gimme some more diet coke and water :P [womp womp womp...]
can't put it down:
More like can't pick up... With everything that's been popping off this past week I haven't had a chance to read a single line excepting a few blogs and my pulse news. And twitter. So basically things at my finger tips. Hopefully things will simmer down here pretty soon and I can get back to the pages.
lesson learned:
Calorie counting has an unforeseen upside. Turns out it helps save dollars too. Who would have guessed. More birds and stones and what not. Score.
can't wait till:
lkj's b-day Cinco de Mayo extravaganza + Jane-Woww added to the mix [oh yes, I did] AND- wish me luck: your girl will be interviewing at the beginning of next week for a paid spot at the downtown treehouse-sporting office with a view. Boom.
  [supernew] amanda's favorite #hashtag of the week:
Zing! It's the new burn. It stings a little, and it's got that edge that kind of smacks the receiver in the face. It is especially awesome for use on Twitter. Hashtag it. #ZING!

Cause you know that, it'd be tragic, if those evil robots win

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