Monday, April 11, 2011

a quick summation.

I'm going to sum up my weekend for you a few short blurps.

Mind you, I haven't had what you might call a "weekend" in about a month [if by "weekend" you mean one day off to enjoy the endless possibilities of doing nothing. If by "weekend" you dare to imagine two whole days off, I haven't had one of those since January. But who's keeping track?]
As I was saying, I haven't had a day off in a while, but with the way my schedule works [8 to 5  interning for three days, serving for the remainder of the week], in my head, the "weekend" kind of starts on Thursday. Because hey, I'm at a bar... That kind of counts.
Now, if you look at these things together, you may have come to an assumption about my weekend that is both painful and kind of hilarious.
You would be mistaken, however, as they are to be considered separately.

Rear-end: Apparently my car is very difficult to see in broad daylight. Saturday, and for the second time since I bought my Yaris in 2009, I was rear-ended. On the interstate. By someone with no insurance. In a borrowed car that suffered absolutely no damage whatsoever. For someone who has been trying to handle stress in a more positive way, this event was counter-productive. Fortunately, the damage looks minimal, and I was able to accrue an unexpected evening off work for my troubles. I am, however, considering painting my bumper bright yellow.

Wine:  I had the interesting experience of being a part of the Beale Street Wine Races yesterday. For those of you who are not familiar with this tradition, it is basically an all day event in Downtown Memphis that involves local restaurants and bars. You put teams together, and each person has to uncork a bottle, pour a glass of wine, and race up and down a track holding a tray with said bottles/glasses/corks/etc. The objective is to go the fastest and spill the least. My team didn't place, but we also did not drop or break any of our stuff, which I call a win [as I was extremely nervous of dropping my tray.]
sidenote: Being on Beale Street during the day is just like going back to a bar to get the credit card you left the next morning. Everything looks kind of gross and sticky and sad.

Sunburn:  During the aforementioned wine races, I took the initiative to put sunscreen on my face and chest, to avoid any unsightly sunburns and added freckles. I figured that should cover me, as we were not planning on being at the festivities for the entirety of the day. As fate would have it, we were at the festivities for the entirety of the day. Therefore, I now have a nice stinging sunburn that is isolated to the back of my legs, my forearms, my nose, and my forehead. It's pretty hot.

So there you have it.
I hope you can all take something valuable from this post: 
Wear more sunscreen, avoid rogue Dodge Chargers, and don't eat yellow snow.

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