Wednesday, April 13, 2011

half way there--?

We discussed previously my lack of days off, and I think that has contributed to the decline in lovely wed-nes-day posts. If you don't quite have a weekend, where does the halfway point really lie, and when should you really get excited about it's onset?

But, today, I was inspired to resurrect my former hump day template (resurrect-that's an Easter word for ya. Look who's in the spirit.), mostly because I read my biff's blog and she mentioned that she enjoyed reading my Wednesday loves and well, for her, just anything :)

Of course, I had to revamp it a little. Just to keep you guys on your toes.

can't get enough:
Sleep. I'm starting to wonder if I will ever have enough again. I'm leaning towards the negative.
stuck in my head:
She's Lump. The President's of the United States of America. lkj and I had a bet going because I was almost positive that it said "love" at some intervals and not "lump." Only once in the song does the actually happen. "Lump slipped on a kiss and tumbled into love." So, I lost, but still... Great song.
gimme some more:
Real food. General? Maybe. Truth? Absolutely. Moving=eating way too much food that makes me feel like a porker. Also not working out. BUT, crashed the moms dinner last night, so I'm feeling a little better.
can't put it down:
TIE between Bronte's Wuthering Heights and the April issue of InStyle.
lesson learned:
Despite the obvious logical dissonance of the idea, slowing down actually does let you get more done. Good to know, hard to practice.
can't wait till:
Friday- Scream 4 in theaters. My pre-teen self inside is just giddy with excitement. I am currently trying to plot how I can watch the previous three before then...
[supernew] amanda's favorite word of the week:
Cross. Not like, a cross. But, like, bad tempered. It's Bronte. It's Heathcliff. I just think it's kind of a cute way to describe someone who is in a bad mood. I plan on re-introducing it.

Yay for Wednesday love. Pointing out the positives? I think so.
What are you loving this week?
Tell me tell me tell me!

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  1. I enjoy your I heart Wednesdays posts as well.

    I thought you would also enjoy this: reed, known to all as a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine (which is a british show) always tells me he's cross rather than upset or mad. I doubt he's upset about Bronte though.