Wednesday, January 5, 2011

you just keep on using me

wednesday love list
can't get enough of: My new journal. It's leather-bound with a flip lock, and it was a Christmas present from my dad. He also gave me a really nice pen to use with it. Since I don't journal in print media very much anymore, I've been putting it to use as my dream/list journal. I read that psychologically you remember things better if they are written down somewhere nice. Anyways, I love it!
tuning my fancy: Use Me Up, by Bill Withers. It's a funky jam. It sounds best really loud.
craving: Chinese food. Pretty much daily. I guess I'm on a kick. But you can't beat the chicken lo mien/chicken fried rice combo. It is delicious.
can't put down: Chew on Life's Big Questions, Rainn Wilson [Soulpancake]. It's a great book for lkj and I as a unit, because it has all kinds of gold nugget quotes that I love, and it's very graphic design-y, so he digs it too.
life lesson: It can be really helpful [and also much less stressful] if you let someone help you problem solve. You don't have to figure everything out by yourself. Having someone else's opinion or advice might help you make an even better decision. [Thanks lkj for letting me talk your ear off the past few days, you have been wonderful!]
looking forward to: some possible new developments and [of course] my birthday!

Yours, truly

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