Tuesday, January 4, 2011

tweet tweet

So I did a little sprucing.
And a little browsing through my archives.
a. I think my style has changed noticeably since I started the blog back in June. I think I like my more recent style better, but I haven't decided.
b. I had been in the habit of blogging about a larger variety of things, and I am a little sheepish because I haven't been so diligent lately.
I have a theory as to why...
I've been cheating on my blog. With twitter.

 I used to rag on the twitterverse, stereotyping it as a "wannabe" Facebook that was nothing but a bunch of "status updates." I didn't see it catching on.

Then I got a twitter.
I'm a journalist, it was necessary.
I joined in August of 2009.

I didn't tweet much at first. Just here and there if I remembered. I lacked the convenience of a smart phone app. I had a "dumb" phone.
Then I got an iPhone.
Life changed.

Now I tweet all of the time.
I got into it. I do the hashtags. I follow all my favorite celebs and authors and even the History Channel. I check it on my phone probably upwards of 10 times a day [unless it's a Saturday, in which case I check it slightly less times]. I have 633 tweets to date. 
It's awesome.

Conversely, the time I spend on Facebook has dropped drastically.
Who would've guessed.

Yours, truly

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