Sunday, December 19, 2010


I realized something about myself this weekend.
Well, more appropriately, it was pointed out to me.
I laugh at everything.
I have lots of different laughs that signify my varying degree of interest and overall hilarity of the comment. Nonetheless, I will laugh at pretty much anything.
I think it is equal parts -working in a restaurant and having to buddy up to your customers [you wouldn't get a very good tip if you had a blank stare after someone's lame joke] and -me not liking awkward situations [such as blank stares], so I'll just laugh it off instead. No sense in anyone feeling uncomfortable, right?
This quality of mine is not limited to verbal conversations.
I looked back through old text message convos that I have had recently. I say "ha" all the time. It is the perfect ending to most statements or questions. Takes the pressure off. Or "lol". I've even said lol out loud. [I pronounce it lawl]. But when I text lol, I'm not usually lolling. Only rarely.
Who came up with lol anyways? Genius. It's kind of annoying, but so easy to use.

I really can't help it. I don't even realize I'm laughing until afterwards.
Maybe it's a nervous habit. But I mean, I guess there are worse things. Instead of biting my nails I laugh at people's comments. Even when they aren't really that funny...

Yours, truly

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  1. I'm one of your newest followers, lady!
    I love the site. and definitely this post - i'm a "laughs-a-lot" girl myself.

    it's a great quality! :)