Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lists of Four

In lieu of this week's Wednesday love list, I'm making good on a post-tag from a fellow blogger, Memphis Mama.

She mentioned yours truly in this fun little game, and so here goes:

1.four shows that you watch:
The Office
American Pickers/Auction Hunters
[I watch lots of reruns.]

2.four things that you are passionate about:
My relationships
Reading lots of books
Learning new things
[I sound like a wank. But for serious..]

3.four words or phrases you use a lot:
"I mean..."
"D" [in reference to my lovely boyfriend]

4.four things you've learned from the past:
Talking loud is a personality trait I have accepted, as should everyone else
Everyone should work in a restaurant at some point in his or her life
Pick your battles
Judge and you will be judged

5.four places you'd like to go:
New York City

6.four things you did yesterday:
Ran a mile
Bought a cute leather jacket
Drank a margarita
Did laundry [clearly the most exciting]

7.four things you are looking forward too:
My birthday
Two days off of work [fingers crossed]
New opportunities in development

8.four that things you love about winter:
Christmas/NYE/My birthday
Hot beverages
Snuggling+warm blankets

9.tag four people to play along:

Yours, truly

1 comment:

  1. Favorite phrase from the entire blog: "I sound like a wank. But for serious..."

    It's like you were sitting across from me talking, I can hear you saying it so clearly.