Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have a beef with the mailman.

I do in fact.
It's a longstanding conflict between myself and USPS, and if you have been around me on one of the numerous occasions that they have royally screwed up my mailing experiences, you have no doubt heard me rant about it.
If not, you are in for a treat today.
Here it comes.

Why is it so difficult/frustrating/unbelievably time consuming to mail something? To place a package on the doorstep of the address that corresponds to the one on your package?!?

Man it heats me up.
I have had more unsuccessful experiences with the post office than successful ones. And I'm willing to bet I've had more than most people are forced to deal with in their lifetime's of mailing things.

For instance:
Last Christmas, my wonderful boyfriend ordered a new coat for me. It never came. We never got a notice of where it might be. Come to find out it had been shipped to a previous address, returned, and shipped back to the post office, where it sat for a month. Unbeknownst to us. I was cold, and quite frustrated, once we finally tracked it down [after talking to the post office itself, the carriers, and even the company we bought the damn thing from.]

My diploma was shipped to a wrong address. MY COLLEGE DIPLOMA. I never got the original back. I had to request a new one.

This past spring I ordered a hard drive for lkj's Xbox and had to send it back for a different one [another one of my all time favorite things to deal with, returns...] It was sent to my old apartment, where a new person lived who decided they might just keep the hard drive for themselves. I had to track those suckers down and demand my property, at which point I informed them that it is in fact against the law to open someone else's mail. Idiots.

Now, I am willing to admit that there are some extraneous factors in these situations. But friends, it has happened yet again. The post office is wreaking it's havoc on my Christmas fun, and I am not ok with it.

I ordered my Christmas party/NYE/Birthday shirt [I haven't decided which occasion I want to wear it for yet, or if I can conjure three different and equally awesome outfits out of this shirt...] right after Thanksgiving.
It's cute. Black lace. Long sleeve. Trendy? Yes. Warm? No. Again, I digress.
It was supposed to be delivered a few days ago, so I decided to investigate. Never a good sign. I found out that it was deemed "Undeliverable to this address," which I found strange because I had in fact ordered something else from the exact same place not two months ago, and it was delivered with ease. Same address. Nothing had changed. 
I failed to see where the system could have broken down.
So I trudged over to the nearest Post office, hoping that perhaps it was sitting on the shelf there, waiting for me to pick it up and try it on and fall in love with it.
No such luck.
After waiting in line for a solid 10 minutes, during which time a line of no less than 10 patrons filed in behind me [each looking less pleasant than the last, and growing grumpier as each minute passed], I stepped up to the counter to relay the 20 digit tracking number and my address to the nice lady. She then informed me that I should call the carrier, because they would be able to tell me what happened to my package.
So I left. I called the carrier. I gave him lots of answers to his questions [address, tracking number, phone number, last name], to which he gave me none. I am now awaiting his call back, while he tries to get a hold of someone who knows where my package is.
All the while, the online tracking center shows me that my package has arrived at the delivery unit, as of this morning. Whatever that means.

I would say, on a scale of 1-10 of things that annoy me the most, this has got to be a 10.
I have never felt so frustrated and helpless about something [that I've most likely paid money for and am awaiting the arrival of] than with the post office.

I would swear it off completely, but I really like shopping online.
It's a vicious cycle.

Yours, truly

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