Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall makeover.

I feel like I am slowly but surely becoming deft with html, but it is a painstaking process...
I came to blog early this afternoon to do a little housekeeping, and realized it needed a lot more sprucing than I had originally imagined.
I cannot take full credit for my blog-makeover, however. I must give many many thanks and appreciations and happy thoughts to my lovely boyfriend and personal graphic design guru:

Dear lkj,
Thank you for softening the inexperience that separates myself and Adobe Illustrator!
Thank you for supporting my blog by sizing [and resizing] my fonts to my liking and reformatting the files and emailing them to me lots of times over.
You are awesome.

I feel like my new theme here, in addition to my trips to the bank and post office, is clear evidence that my Monday was, in fact, quite productive.
Boo ya.

Yours, truly

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