Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Waiting for the leaves to change.

I think that I am done with Summer.
It's sad to admit, but I came to the realization today that I don't think this season has anything else to offer me this year, and I'm ready for the cooling graces of Fall to settle in.

Perhaps it's the fact that all the kiddies have already started school [I had the pleasure of helping my sister with her homework last night- coloring some letters- ah the good old days.] and this reminds me that I, in fact, am not returning to any type of school this fall, so I'm feeling a little displaced. School always means fall. Even though it was still hot as blazes for a month or so, and you got to class all sweaty and out of breath, and you had to sit next to other sweaty folks, it still meant fall. Since I'm not going to be in school, it seems to me that summer is kind of dragging itself out. I no longer have the desire to lay out, nor do I long for the beach as bad as I had been. Now, I find I'm just waiting for the leaves to change.
Of course, another reason may be that I'm over it being so suffocatingly hot all the time.

Top 5 favorite things about Fall:
-Jeans and Cardigans
-The pleasantness of being outside [coolness sans mosquitos]
-[Here is where I would insert 'School' because I am an inherent nerd and always enjoyed going back to class, but, alas, I must substitute something else] 
-The color changes
-Halloween and Thanksgiving

A third reason that I feel this summer has run its course for me, is that this was quite possibly the most stressful, unconventional, and unpredictable summer I have ever experienced. My life course completely flip-flopped, I barely stood still long enough to figure out which way was up, and I never was able to lay out consecutively enough to get a good tan  [which is really upsetting considering I felt like Miss Mediterranean Tropic after my 5 weeks in Spain last year, but then again it's really unfair to try to top that kind of tan.]

So, I'd like to extend a personal farewell to Summer, inviting it to run along now, and make way for my cardigans [of which, I have a much more abundant supply than shorts, mind you. See? Reasons abound.] Thank you for hosting an array of enjoyable visits and, of course, my whole life-changing thing. I bid you adieu, until next year.
[If only that meant it would get cooler outside sooner...]

I will, however, miss the sandals.

Yours, truly

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