Thursday, July 22, 2010

Camera phone randomness

Today I'm linking up with Cole at Letters from Coco. She had a fun little post about how random some of the pictures from her phone are. And I thought that was a neat-o idea, so I decided to take a look at my own camera phone album.
What I found was definitely randomness, and it was kind of difficult to limit myself to a finite amount of  funny photos, but I managed to narrow it down to 10 good ones:

Any Dave Chappelle fans? This one references one of his bits about "Grape Drink," which I thought was just a kool-aid flavor, but it actually really exists! I took this at a Walmart to send to lkj because I knew he'd find it hilarious.

I saw this ridiculously flashy Chuck Taylor tennis shoe at a Journey's...although I don't think it really qualifies as a tennis shoe...

This I took a few days ago on my trip back from Knoxville, when I stopped in downtown Nashville to have lunch with some girlfriends. Downtown has very little free parking, but I found a spot behind a long row of cars. I was literally parked half and half. Luckily for me, the guy in front of me moved before I got out of the car, so I pulled up, and was safe in 2 hour parking :)

This is photo I snapped of an actual old pic of me and my great grandmother. Yep, that's baby Amanda right there. I know, I was pretty cute. [ha] At least my great grandma thought I was :)

Babo! He's my ugly doll, and he's pretty much the cutest thing ever. I bought him about two years ago. I guess I just wanted a pic of him on my phone, probably to show him off.

Hibachi. Pre-steak and chicken. Just the rice. [That's almost my favorite part.] I sent this to lkj last week- hibachi is kind of our thing ha. I went out to eat it without him, and so I thought I'd let him know that it wasn't quite the same without his company :)

I found this wonderful mousepad at my old job in Knoxville [ahh, when I had a job...] I love The Office. This was another lkj picture message I thought he'd get a kick out of. Gotta love Dwight :)

Another work find! Around Christmastime last year, one of the folks in a desk near mine put up this Charlie Brown tree, and I thought it was adorable. The Charlie Brown Christmas Special is one of my favorite things about the holidays, so I had to snap a photo.

This is a snake that xtina and I found on a walk around my apartment complex. Bleh. I do NOT enjoy snakes. And this one is rather long. Also, xtina was harassing it, so I was nervous that it would turn on us... which I swear it almost did.

And finally... One of my favorite views of all time, and definitely Top 5 favorite places to be- the BEACH! Can't beat it. This particular locale is Kure Beach, NC. Home of big waves and large sand crabs.

Take a look at your camera phone archives!

Yours, truly

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