Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And I need to know how to live my life as it's meant to be.

It's hump day again, and we are celebrating the halfway point this week because by some cosmic favor I will actually have a weekend this weekend! Like, a real weekend. Like two days off. In a row. I'm so happy I could pee.

I have resolved to make no work complaints this entire week in honor of my weekend.
I could heart every day for my excitement, but I imagine that would get a little repetitive.

can't get enough:
Yoga. I'm working on my discipline. I totally dig it. The divine in me recognizes the divine in you? Yes, please. I feel like that is a mantra we should all try to keep in mind. Less anger, more breathing. And go.
stuck in my head:
The entire Mumford and Sons album? Sigh No More. I can't pick a single song because they are all stuck in my head and that would be unfair. I am drawn to these boys. To me, they are vaguely reminiscent of early Dispatch. I love the instruments, and the soulful croaky voice they got going on. I'm starting to yearn. I'm feeling like they would be amazing live, which is not good, because they will be here in two weeks and I had already decided I wasn't going to BSMF that night. I was going to be responsible and work so I could pay for my MGMT ticket for the previous night. Now I want to go both nights. Rats.
gimme some more:
Yogurt covered pretzels. The market across from my work sells them, and I eat them till I am almost sick. [I was never great at the self control thing.] Those things are freaking delicious.
can't put it down:
I Found This Funny- Judd Apatow. It's a collection of essays that posed some kind of intrigue for the Freaks and Geeks producer/writer. I find his work hilarious, so I figure he must have a pretty good sense of humor. Turns out not all of the essays are meant to be humorous, but, rather, possess the merit of piquing his interest for some reason. So far, I haven't been disappointed. I like reading these kinds of books because it's a load of different topics all rolled into one.
lesson learned:
Patience Patience Patience. Ugh.
can't wait till:
How about the beautiful weekend that lies ahead? 82 and sunny on Saturday/Sunday. I'm talking tank tops, bike rides, maybe even laying out [things could get crazy]. I feel the need to orchestrate a cookout or something. AND I get to go to a skating party. For a 7 year old. I know, right? It's going to be epic. ALSO my biff will be in town for Easter festivities. Good friends, good weather, and NO WORK. Boom Boom Boom.
[supernew] amanda's rant of the week:
[I'm trying a few things here...]
Self-censorship. So bloggers and tweeters that work for a reputable company can understand that there are eyes everywhere. Everything that you say is filed away and can be instantly recalled for the purpose of analyzing you. It's like a sub-resumé, if you will. For those of us who are not yet secure in our employment, it could stand to reason that the threat is even worse. Unfortunately, in a time where free speech reigns and the masses are using social media tools to stick it to the man, we still can't really say what we want to say. That is, if you are trying to be the "respectable employee." In fact, I feel that I am toeing the line just by saying that I'm not saying exactly what I want to say all the time. I have many times typed a tweet or thrown a phrase in a post that I have re-read and edited or all out deleted for it's lack of observed "professionalism." Is it subjective? Does that mean I'm not professional, because I tweeted something? Is that just growing up? Perhaps our self-censorship saves us from word vomit and subsequent embarrassment? Or maybe we should just make like Cee-Lo and say F--ORGET you guys. Either way, fact is: we gotta get jobs. So we do what we do.

Anyways. Enjoy some M&S. Watch the banjo player's dance, it's awesome.
Happy Hump Day :)


  1. Yay! So pumped to see M&S here next Wednesday!!

  2. Hopie Hope I am jel. That show is going to be great! Hey are you going to be here for Easter?!

  3. Amanda... I am seriously obsessed with mumford & sons!! I vote go to Music Fest on Saturday night too.... If only to see me there... Just saying. Haha

  4. Fallon!! That would be awesome! If I don't have to work I will probably scalp tickets and totes text you. I miss hanging out with you!