Monday, April 4, 2011


That is what my sneezes sound like, four hundred and fifty five thousand times a day.

It's Spring in Memphis now.
Yes, yes this is all very exciting. The park is chock full of cars and frisbee aficionados [pretty equal ratio I would say], I can break out my shorts and flip flops, we must now always always have an umbrella on hand, and the Bradford Pears in Midtown are just lovely.

This being said, Spring is absolutely the worst season for moi.
[Just at the very beginning, but it is terrible]
I am allergic to Spring itself, I think.
Mostly pollen, but also the type of grass [really?! I know..] that is native to this area.
Kentucky blue grass to be exact. Not the music [I actually enjoy that histamine-free]. 
It's kind of ridiculous.

The ridiculousness starts about 7 seconds after I open my eyes in the morning.
Before I can even get to the bathroom to take an allergy pill, I am sneezing my head off.
It takes quite a bit of finagling and design to get my makeup on around the nose and eyeball region.
People think I am weeping for no apparent reason all day long.
They are wishing they hadn't said "bless you" the first time I sneezed because now they feel obligated to continue to bless me every 3 and a half minutes.
If I were a cartoon, this would be my head:
This whole charade will last about a month, until my immune system can build up something or other and/or it gets hot enough that all the allergens die a scorching death.
I personally don't care which happens first.

Does this happen to anyone else?!
If so, do you have a secret weapon? I'm game, as this is quite annoying.


  1. Oh this totally happens to me at the start of spring! I am suffering big time already, it makes me snore at night which is horrible. And my eyes water all day too! Hopefully it stops soon for both of us =)

  2. Heh. Here you are: