Monday, February 21, 2011

"Are you tired?"

I made the mistake last night of not wearing any mascara when meeting lkj and his family for our weekly Sunday night mexican dinner. Sometimes I just like to go au naturale, especially when I know that dinner is the extent of our outing, and that I will undoubtedly be getting in my pj's shortly thereafter. This, however, caused a few too many entreaties as to "how tired I must be" and "was I working too hard" and "what all do they have you doing over there" and so on and so forth. Every girl's favorite comments...
Lesson learned. Never leave the house without that mascara.

All this to say that I am well in the throes of a new schedule that has me business casual half of the time and throwing beers the other half. And although I must say that I am extraordinarily grateful for the one day off a week that I have been fortunate enough to accrue, I am also bound to admit that this lifestyle is quite taxing.

This is my second go-round as the wide-eyed intern. The mechanics are relatively the same as before, with a few significant differences. For one, I'm not in school, which is a load off to say the least. On the other hand, I am learning all of this PR mumbo jumbo for the first time (and kicking myself for never having thought to take even one PR class in my entire four years in journalism. Hindsight, it'll get you every time.) It is a learning process, for sure, but I'm ok with it.

February has proved to be a crafty little minx, bringing a lot of new and interesting prospects to the table:
1. We are moving (pending a successful home inspection) to a new house! I was very excited until I remembered that when you move you have to pack, which sucks. Still, it should make for some good blog fodder.
2. Impending approval with a prospective client has the [full time] job opportunity at my internship on a prompt timeline. This would mean so many happy things that you can be sure, if I do get it, I will regale to all of you, complete with a chorus from "Moving on Up."
3. Tax return = less freaking out.
4. The bonnaroo lineup is out. It is such a persuasive list that I feel compelled to attend. I've never been before, so it should be interesting to see how it all plays out. Begin the process of, well, that.

Isn't it funny how, just when you feel that you might have gotten somewhat settled, life tilts on its axis, compelling you to rethink and reorganize and scramble once again to find your balance? 
It keeps things interesting, to say the least.

Yours, truly

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