Friday, September 3, 2010

i'm fine[d]

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this post- I would like to announce that I am the proud new owner of an iPhone
Yes, I finally succumbed to my desires and made the switch [bye bye Verizon, hello at&t] so that I could have my own personal hand-held, world-at-my-fingertips awesomeness. It wasn't exactly a stroll in the park to get this baby either. Thank you, Steve Jobs, for creating demand and making us all insane over your genius toys. What can I say, though. I absolutely love it.

Now then.
I've been out of sorts all week due to a persistent little sinus infection that has apparently become quite attached to me. I can't seem to get it to go away. This makes working, sleeping, and enjoying pretty much anything very difficult. Not only because of the icky sickys, but because sick days just aren't as fun as they used to be. Remember as a kid, when we would get sick and the moms would give us the option to stay home from school [which we always opted for] and she would make us tomato soup and grilled cheese and we got to watch Rocket Power all day? What happened to that kind of sick day?! When I'm sick now, I still have to do everything I was supposed to do that day, it's just exponentially more difficult and frustrating.

This particular stint of ick has lasted about 4 days so far-and I think it's my body's way of reminding me that I work in smokey dingy bar [that just happens to pay the bills quite nicely, ha]. I decided to try some alternative treatments this go-round, in lieu of loading up on anti-biotics for two weeks, and this led me to something called the Neti Pot. The Neti Pot is a really disgusting concept that involves sticking the spout of a tea kettle up your nose and pouring a saline solution through your sinus cavities, after which the solution drains out the other nostril and kind of down your face a little bit. I have to say, although it is not pleasant by any means, the Neti Pot has shown some effectiveness...

I can't say it has all been bad, this little bug, because there have been a few silver linings to smile about. For one, I just got my new phone, so I've had something to occupy my downtime quite effectively. And two, I have a wonderful boyfriend that is really great at taking hints, who came home from work with big yellow and red feel-better sunflowers, and delicious throat-soothing cheddar potato soup [in a bread bowl] for me :) 
He got some points for that one.

I'm hoping this ick doesn't stick around too much longer...I gotta get back to making some dollars. You know, since I got a big girl phone with a big girl bill to add to my collection.

Yours, truly

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  1. way to go gal... just love my neti pot